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Typical Requirements

Software Service Providers make use of the various functionalities of TABEX/4 in their own software products for their clients such as banks or insurance companies, e.g. the high-performance table access, the comfortable table management or unlimited copying and moving of table data across heterogeneous IT-environments.

These software products mostly run in electronic data processing centers (EDPC).

Software Service Providers sell their products to different customers, thus they have special requirements concerning their table management.

TABEX/4 meets all these requirements.

Table management has to be multi-tenant in order to prevent the access of foreign data.

TABEX/4 is multi-tenant and so capable of serving several independent sub-systems, so-called TABEX/4 instances, on one single server without mutual access to data or user administration of these sub-systems.

Table management has to be adapted optimally to the needs of each single client. This includes a customized user interface for each client.

TABEX/4 is perfectly customizable through its various possibilities of configuration. Databases, batch jobs, explorer menu, import/export, checking routines and much more are fully configurable.

An authorization system should determine exactly which client may execute which actions.

TABEX/4 provides an integrated authorization system allowing regulating access to applications, instances, menu functions, databases, single tables etc. for single users or user-groups. External authorization systems such as RACF or ACF2 can be integrated.

Software producers or outsourcers need programming interfaces in order to fulfill the various requirements of their own software products.

TABEX/4 offers programming interfaces for object-oriented programming languages such as JAVA or C++ as well as for sequential programming languages such as C, COBOL, PL/1, and others. These interfaces guarantee that all functionalities of TABEX/4 can be used in modern as well as older software applications.

Migration from another table management system can be carried out quickly and easily.

In TABEX/4, several migration packages ensure successful and efficient migration from other table management systems. With the TABEX/4 compatibility interface, no changes to existing application programs are necessary.

The immense number of different table data combinations results in a tremendous number of table accesses per day and thus requires high-performance and reliability.

TABEX/4 guarantees optimum and fastest possible table access through the use of a machine-oriented programming language in the TABEX/4 kernel and through the replication of tables in shared storage areas. The TABEX/4 solution economizes CPU resources and leads to significant license cost savings.

Different clients work with different platforms or save their tables in different database systems. Today, SQL-databases are often the basis of data saving. In order to make their table management efficient and high-performance, clients demand a system independent of platform and database which should be accessible by one standard/uniform user interface and which should allow the transfer of data across platforms and databases.

TABEX/4 runs independently of platform or database. Tables can thus be managed on various platforms and can be moved across different platforms. On all platforms one uniform user interface is available with identical functions for table access and maintenance for different programming languages. TABEX/4 provides an ODBC-interface as means to access all relational databases.

These software service providers run TABEX

Our focus is customer satisfaction with our products and services. Together with our customers, we have successfully carried out many different projects over the years. We are very proud to count the following companies to our customers:

3Banken-EDV (Linz, Austria)

Allianz Managed Operations & Services (Munich, Germany)

Fidelity Information Services GmbH (Munich, Germany)

Fiducia IT (Karlsruhe, Germany)

GaVI Gesellschaft für angewandte Versicherungs-Informatik (Mannheim, Germany)

Generali Deutschland Services (Aachen, Germany)

Gesamtverband der Deutschen Versicherungswirtschaft (Hamburg, Germany)

IBM Österreich (Vienna, Austria)

Provinzial NordWest Holding AG (Münster/Kiel, Germany)

Raiffeisen e-force GmbH (Vienna, Austria)

Talanx Systeme (Hannover, Germany)

UniCredit Business Integrated Solutions ( Milano, Italy)



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