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Success Stories

Here you find reports how our customers use TABEX/4. 

You can also download these success stories in PDF format in our Knowledge Base.

"Airplus International" launches TABEX/4 JAVA APPLICATION ENGINE

AirPlus International serves over 41,900 corporate customers in 60 countries on matters relating to travel expenses and procurement management.

For more than 20 years AirPlus has been using TABEX to securely and efficiently carry out such a high number of transactions.

For the implementation of web based Java applications, which read and write data in TABEX tables as well as in relational database tables, the TABEX/4 JAVA APPLICATION ENGINE was launched at AirPlus.

It was crucial that audit-proof logging of data maintenance can also be performed in Java applications without further programming.

Another requirement for the JAE was, that data checks defined in TABEX/4 Table Manager can be used in our decentralized Java web applications and do not need to be specially programmed.

These and other requirements, such as the user authentication, were implemented in the TABEX/4 JAVA APPLICATION ENGINE. 

"Generali Deutschland Gruppe" profits from TABEX

In the early nineties, the car application "K-Neu" was developed for the Aachener und Münchener Informatik-Service AG.

The architecture of this application was based on complex control, which could not be implemented in DB2 due to inadequate performance.

Therefore, a table management system enabling high-performance access to tables was sought. TABEX was chosen because it best met the requirements of the Aachener und Münchener Informatik Service AG.

The high performance of table access in TABEX was managed by the integration of the ESA technology.

According to measurements, on busy dayse there are over 1,5 billion accesses per hour to DB2 tables loaded in  the ESA data space. Memory accesses using ESA technology are up to 20 times faster than DB2.

The Austrian "3 Banken Gruppe" uses TABEX

3BEG and TABEX - a Success Story

More than 30 years after its first implementation at the Oberbank AG, TABEX is now indispensable as a strategic product of the “3 Banken Gruppe”. After numerous generations of the product, TABEX/4 is now in use at 3 Banken EDV and embedded in their system.

Key figures of TABEX/4 utilization at 3BEG: 

  • Approximately 4,000 TABEX tables are used in banking products.
  •  On peak days, about 250 tables are accessed more than 100 million times each. 
  • A single table can be accessed more than 1 billion times on peak days.

The table access and data maintenance functions of TABEX are used intensively by 3BEG.

Migration Packages

BOI GmbH offers migration packages for the table management systems SPITAB, TABSYS and VTAS.


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Success Stories

AirPlus has been using TABEX for 20 years.

Now TABEX/4 JAVA APPLICATION ENGINE has additionally been launched for audit-proof logging of the business processes by Java applications.


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