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End User

How you might benefit from TABEX/4 …

End users


The intuitive user interface is easy to learn and easy to use and the comprehensive HTML Help system replaces voluminous product documentation.



TABEX/4 offers a broad range of functions for administration and maintenance of tables from relational or other databases.


Safe usage

End users can manage their table data with the help of TABEX/4 independently and safely.



  • The intuitive TABEX/4 user interface is easy to learn and comfortable to use.

  • The TABEX/4 User Interface is clearly arranged and uses elements known from Windows: explorer menu, selection lists, and tooltips. For all frequently used functions TABEX/4 offers icons and hot keys.

  • Handling is identical on all platforms. It is independent on which platform TABEX/4 runs or from which database tables come from.

  • Users can adapt the TABEX/4 User Interface for clarity e.g., by masking information out.

  • A comprehensive and comprehensible HTML Help system replaces voluminous product documentation.


  • TABEX/4 offers broad editing functions.

  • For mass changes, it is possible to define modification formula.

  • Tables can be defined as version tables. This technique can be used for optimized and timed data management.

  • Data from several tables can be joined.

  • Compare functions are provided by the user interface and the utilities. So table versions having the same structure can be compared across databases. During table editing a comparison with the original table can be made.

  • TABEX/4 offers functions for importing/exporting and printing, and allows the unlimited distribution of data in heterogeneous IT-environments.

Safe Usage

  • Access to tables can be restricted by the use of the TABEX/4 authorization system.

  • The TABEX/4 Locking Mechanism ensures that only one user can change data at one time. For all others, the table is locked until the transaction is finished.

  • All data changes are logged.

  • With the TABEX/4 releasing procedure, data changes are only executed after dual control (4-eyes principle).


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