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IT Department

How you may benefit from TABEX/4 …

IT Department

Reduced Workload

TABEX/4 is a standard software which reduces time and effort for software development.



TABEX/4 runs stable and guarantees safe handling by end-users.



TABEX/4 is independent of operating system and database.


Reduced Workload

  • “Configuration instead of Programming“ guarantees quick implementation. With a broad range of functionalities and excellent adaptability, TABEX/4 ensures tailored solutions.

  • The intuitive TABEX/4 user interface is easy to learn and comfortable to use, and thus training for end-users is minimized.

  • The standard software TABEX/4 includes many functions, so software development and testing is minimized.

  • TABEX/4 allows sourcing out control data and even program logic in tables, resulting in tremendous reduction of maintenance effort for application programs.

  • BOI guarantees comprehensive and competent support until the goal of a satisfying implementation is achieved.


  • TABEX/4 includes an authorization system to control access to applications, instances, menu items, databases or single tables. External authorization systems such as RACF or ACF2 can easily be integrated.

  • As a result of our long term experience and intensive testing, there have been no productive failures of TABEX/4.

  • Reliability and load sharing are guaranteed through specially developed client-server interfaces.


  • TABEX/4 runs on any platform, can easily be integrated into existing IT infrastructures and is robust against migrations to other operating systems or upgrades. Handling is identical on all platforms.

  • TABEX/4 is independent of databases and can thus be used for any database system in the whole company.

  • With TABEX/4 data can transferred across platforms and databases.

  • TABEX/4 allows importing or exporting of table data to other software products or other file formats, sending of tables per E-mail or printing of TEXT or PDF files enabling table data to be used in all IT procedures and applications of the company.


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