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How you may benefit from TABEX/4…


Cost Savings

TABEX/4 reduces costs and saves time.


Reliability and Stability

TABEX/4 has been in productive use for more than 30 years without a single productive failure.


Security and Compliance

TABEX/4 fulfils all current legal requirements arising from SOA – Sarbanes-Oxley Act or Euro-SOX.


Cost Savings

  • High performance access to table data economizes resources: according to z/OS benchmarks, TABEX/4 table access reduces CPU- resources in a performance improvement between 1:10 to 1:50 compared to direct DB2-access. This leads to tremendous license cost savings. The completely configurable TABEX/4 table management system minimizes your programming efforts: if you have spent, for example, up to one full programming day for just one single DB2 table maintenance transaction, this effort can be avoided in the future and you benefit from all of TABEX/4’s advantages, e.g., the high security standard.

  • TABEX/4 is independent of platform or database and thus a software solution for the whole company, eliminating isolated applications and improving corporate networking and common usage.

  • The high usability and the consistent look and feel of TABEX/4 minimize time and effort for user training.

  • TABEX/4’s standardized table maintenance routines minimize time needed for application programming and maintenance. Thus your employees have more time and energy to accomplish core activities.

  • Quick migration from other table management systems to TABEX/4. As TABEX/4 uses a compatibility interface, no changes in the existing application programs need to be made. The time and effort needed for migration is thus very small.

  • Fair price model: TABEX/4 licence costs depend solely on consumption of CPU-resources.

Reliability and Stability

  • TABEX/4 is the leading standard software for table management. Notable companies rely on BOI solutions.

  • TABEX/4 and its predecessors have been in productive use for more than three decades. As a result of our long term experience and intensive testing, there have been no productive failures of TABEX/4.
  • We at BOI work continuously and in close co-operation with our customers to further develop TABEX/4. In doing so we ensure that the 4th generation of the product fulfils all modern requirements of the market, technically and functionally.

Security und Compliance

TABEX/4 fulfils all current legal requirements arising from SOA – Sarbanes-Oxley Act or Euro-SOX  – 8. EU-Richtlinie 2006, URÄG 2008). 

To fulfil these requirements TABEX/4 offers the following features:

  • All data changes are logged and documented.
  • Integrated table versioning allows access to version-controlled data
  • Data changes are released after dual control (4-eyes principle).
  • Data are extensively checked to guarantee consistency and plausibility.

Data access protection is secured by a comprehensive authorization system. External authorization systems can be integrated.


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