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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Here you find answers to frequently asked questions about TABEX/4, the leading solution for better table management.

You can also download these FAQs in PDF format in our Knowledge Base.

What is TABEX/4?

TABEX/4 is the leading platform independent standard software for high-performance table access and secure and comfortable table management for DB2 and other relational databases, optimally adapted to your specific requirements.

TABEX/4 offers

  • high-speed table access with maximum performance

  • audit-proof, easy-to-use and ergonomic table management meeting highest security requirements

  • unlimited copying & moving of table data, flexible and independent of platforms and databases

Which advantages does TABEX/4 offer?

TABEX/4 offers better organized table management.

  • TABEX/4 runs identically and stable in heterogeneous IT environments: ONE standard software for all platforms and all databases of your company.
  • TABEX/4 offers comfortable and safe management of tables stored in DB2 and other relational databases (e.g. Oracle, MS SQL Server, IBM Informix, PostgreSQL, MySQL, ...) without programming, but with easy-to-define check routines. Any checks e.g. for referential integrity may directly be inherited from the relational database.

  • TABEX/4 fulfills all requirements of IT revision und compliance (e.g. SOX – Sarbanes-Oxley Act 2002, EuroSOX – 8. EU-Richtlinie 2006).

  • TABEX/4 is multitenant: the TABEX/4 instance concept (question 15 – What is the TABEX/4 Instance Concept?) maps your organizational structures optimally: you can define instances for different departments or use instances to map different production levels, e.g. development, testing and production.

  • TABEX/4 is fully configurable and thus can be optimally adapted to your specific requirements.

  • TABEX/4 offers comprehensive options for data checks: check tables for complex checking rules, RI-checks (insert rules, update rules, delete rules), key-checks (check the uniqueness of a table key) and field check routines (check of value ranges).

  • TABEX/4 runs independently of platform or database. Tables can thus be managed on various platforms and can be moved across different platforms.

  • TABEX/4 offers an integrated authorization system. External authorization systems such as RACF or ACF2 can be integrated.

  • TABEX/4 has an ergonomic browser interface of highest usability.

Why TABEX/4?

First-class software and high-quality service are our key success factors.

TABEX/4 reduces costs

TABEX/4 considerably saves costs: Resources, Time, Money.

TABEX/4 increases your IT performance

TABEX/4 reduces CPU-resources to a tenth at an average compared to direct access to DB2, thus leading to tremendous cost savings and contributing to your green IT strategy.

TABEX/4 is reliable

For more than three decades, top companies have used TABEX/4.

TABEX/4 is up-to-date

BOI’s highly qualified development team works continuously to further develop TABEX/4 and to meet the highest technical and organizational demands.

TABEX/4 is stable

TABEX/4 is to a great extent independent of operating system and programming language and can thus be run future-proof and stable.

TABEX/4 is leading

TABEX/4 is the leading standard software for table management and table access. Well known companies rely on TABEX/4 for good reason.

How does TABEX/4 save resources?

High performance access to table data economizes resources: according to z/OS benchmarks, TABEX/4 table access results in a performance improvement between 1:10 to 1:50 compared to direct DB2-access. This leads to tremendous license cost savings.

How does TABEX/4 save time?

  • The completely configurable TABEX/4 table management system minimizes your programming efforts: if you have spent, for example, up to one full programming day for just one single DB2 table maintenance transaction, this effort can be avoided in the future and you benefit from all of TABEX/4’s advantages, e.g. the high security standard.
  • TABEX/4 is independent of platform or database and thus a software solution for the whole company, eliminating isolated applications, improving corporate networking and common usage, and reducing redundancies and programming effort.
  • The high usability and the consistent look & feel of TABEX/4 minimize time and effort for user training.
  • The standardized table maintenance routines of TABEX/4 minimize time needed for application programming and maintenance. Thus your employees have more time and energy to accomplish core activities.

How does TABEX/4 save money?

  • CPU-savings of up to 98% reduce license costs.
  • The standard software TABEX/4 saves development costs and minimizes maintenance and administration costs.
  • TABEX/4 works independent of platform or database and thus one single software solution can replace several backend systems or other table management systems with their respective license and maintenance costs.
  • TABEX has an excellent price-performance ratio.

Who runs TABEX/4?

For over 30 years, BOI has combined software quality with outstanding service. Notable companies from different sectors (banks and financial services, insurance, industry and services) have relied on BOI solutions for many years for their most demanding and mission-critical data management challenges and thus profit from cost savings and organizational advantages.

A detailed list of all references you will find on our website:

How do BOI customers use TABEX/4?

Our customers use TABEX/4 for high-performance table access and management and administration of their corporate tables.

  • TABEX/4 allows high-performance access to table data using application programs, irrespective of the database where the data are stored. Application programs use TABEX/4 access functions for billions of transactions per day.
  • TABEX/4 is used for maintenance and administration of all corporate tables. Table sizes range from just a few records up to several thousand records - easy and comfortable.
  • With TABEX/4 you can manage table data, mostly from relational databases without programming. For example, one of our customers modifies 10,000 DB2 tables using the TABEX/4 table manager without any own application.
  • TABEX/4 is used for the unlimited transfer of data across platforms and databases.
  • TABEX/4 replication technique synchronizes tables across platforms; thus all data are available identically in different IT environments. So tables can be copied from one relational database in one specific platform to another database in another platform.

Which are the system requirements?


Firefox: Version 3.6.x or higher
Internet Explorer: Version 6.x or higher


Web Application:

Servlet 2.5, JSP 2.1, Java 6
e.g. Tomcat (Version 6.x or higher) or WebSphere (Version 7.x or higher)

Business Logic:

Java: Version 6.x or higher

Which operating systems are supported?

  • IBM z/OS
  • IBM z/VSE
  • Oracle Solaris
  • Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista
  • Linux (z.B. SuSE und RedHat)

As only the TABEX/4 kernel depends on the operating system, porting to other operating systems is also possible.

Which browsers are supported?

  • Windows Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox

Does TABEX/4 support 64 bit applications?

TABEX/4 has been successfully ported to 64 bit technology and offers a uniform runtime environment for all operating systems.

Which databases are supported?

The following relational databases are supported:

  • IBM DB2 (in z/OS via native CAF-Interface otherwise via ODBC)
  • Oracle
  • MS SQL Server
  • Informix
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • and other relational databases via ODBC connect

Also other data sources can be accessed:

  • VSAM
  • sequential files
  • flat files, ...

Which web application servers are supported?

  • Apache Tomcat
  • IBM WebSphere
  • JBoss

In which languages is TABEX/4 available?

TABEX/4 is currently available in German and English. Documentation is provided in English.

Can TABEX/4 optimize my hardware?

The TABEX/4 Components can be distributed on different hardware. TABEX/4 is thus perfectly suited for optimization of hardware use in data processing centers.

Does TABEX/4 support cloud computing?

Yes. The TABEX/4 instance concept offers various options for configuration of distributed applications. Thus the standard TABEX/4 software is perfectly suited to be integrated in cloud installations.

Does TABEX/4 fulfill revision requirements?

Yes, TABEX/4 fulfills all revision requirements resulting from SOA or Euro-Sox:

  • access protection by a comprehensive authorization system; other authorization systems can be integrated
  • release procedure with four-eyes principle
  • complete logging and documentation of any data change
  • extensive checks to guarantee consistency and plausibility
  • integrated table versioning allowing access to version-controlled data which is valid to a given date

How can TABEX/4 guarantee data security?

Data transfer from the web browser to the TABEX/4 application server can be carried out via HTTPS. In this way, data are transferred safely through the TABEX/4 technology of server authentification and data encryption via TCP/IP. Authentification occurs via a TABEX/4 authorization system. Two options are possible:

  • Use of the internal TABEX/4 authorization system
  • Integration of external authorization systems (e.g. RACF, ACF2, ...)

Can TABEX/4 tables be used with MS EXCEL?

Yes. Many TABEX/4 users use the benefits of MS EXCEL to generate diagrams, statistical analyses, presentations and reports. There is a great demand to also use this program for data stored in TABEX or DB2 tables. With TABEX/4, table data from any database can be exported to MS EXCEL and imported from MS EXCEL via the browser interface. In our TABEX/4 Expert Advice, you learn how to work with this TABEX/4 feature.

What is the TABEX/4 Instance Concept?

TABEX/4 is multi-tenant. Besides the general configuration of TABEX/4 at company level, you can configure so-called instances as sub-systems e.g. at department level or for a group of selected users, but also for different levels of production. An instance is a predefined “configuration-set” that restricts contents and available features to specific user-groups.

Can TABEX/4 store multilingual text?

Text containing other languages can be stored in tables by setting the codepage for the appropriate field. All single-byte characters according to the UCS (Universal Character Set) can be maintained.

Can nonprintable characters be stored?

Table data in character fields, which include nonprintable characters, can be stored and maintained with TABEX/4. To maintain such data you must switch to hexadecimal display.

Can data views combine multiple data sources?

Yes, TABEX/4 can combine fields of multiple data sources to a view. For the user this view looks like a read-only table.

Does TABEX/4 support shared data?

In TABEX/4, data can be loaded into shared memory, e.g. in z/OS ESA data space or in shared memory segments in unix or Linux. This technique has the following advantages:

  • Only one copy of the data must be available in memory, even if more processes access these data.
  • Load and Reload of the data is controlled by load procedures (batch processes).
  • Data in the shared memory areas are protected and can not be overwritten by application programs.
  • Every application accesses the same data.

Which technical requirements are necessary for a TABEX/4 installation?

TABEX/4 behaves like any other application program and does not use internal functions of operating systems.

How much time and effort is needed for a new installation?

TABEX/4 can be installed in a day or two. The customer specific configuration – the customization of TABEX/4 to the individual needs of the customer – depends on the size of the enterprise. BOI supports customers during configuration. Our goal is to achieve a successful and satisfying customer configuration.

How much time and effort is needed to migrate from another system?

The magnitude of features available in TABEX/4 allows a quick migration from other table management systems to TABEX/4.  We have successfully carried out migration from other table management systems for our customers. As TABEX/4 uses a compatibility interface, no changes in the existing application programs need to be made. The time and effort needed for migration is thus very small: for example, a migration from another table management system to TABEX/4 took only one day.

What is included in the TABEX/4 maintenance contract?

The service contract includes

  • technical support and prompt debugging via telephone and e-mail
  • access to continuous enhancements of TABEX/4 (regular releases and service packs)
  • access to updated TABEX/4 documentation
  • support for current operating systems and database systems

Read more about BOI services on our website.

Can I test TABEX/4 before buying?

To give you an overview of the magnitude of features and benefits TABEX/4 offers in terms of speed, security and usability, you can test TABEX/4 before buying.

 Please make your request for a free three month trial using our contact form.


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