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Features of TABEX/4

  • TABEX/4 reduces CPU consumption to a tenth or less, compared to direct DB2-access. (HIGH-PERFORMANCE TABLE ACCESS)
  • TABEX/4 makes table management easy and comfortable. (COMFORTABLE TABLE MANAGEMENT). The broad functionality of TABEX/4 ensures all needs are met. (ENHANCED TABLE DEFINITIONS)

  •  TABEX/4 provides a flexible distribution of data across platforms and databases. PDF print and import/export functions allow table data to be used by any other program such as MS-EXCEL.(INFRASTRUCTURE)

  • TABEX/4 is fully configurable and multi-tenant. (EXTENDED CUSTOMIZING)

  • TABEX/4 is audit-proof and fulfills all IT revision and compliance requirements. (SECURITY and COMPLIANCE)

  • TABEX/4 runs stable and has been in productive use for more than three decades. (STABILITY and RELIABILITY)

  •  TABEX/4 can be optimally adapted to your specific requirements. (CUSTOMIZATION)

  • TABEX/4 has a browser interface designed for high usability. (USABILITY)

  • TABEX/4 runs identically and stable in heterogeneous IT environments. (PLATFORM and DATABASE INDEPENDENCE)

  • For more than three decades, BOI has stood for high quality, reliability and excellent support. Our highly qualified BOI team works continuously to further develop TABEX/4 and to ensure that it meets the highest technical and organizational demands. (EXPERIENCE, DEVELOPMENT, SUPPORT, CONSULTING)

TABEX/4 guarantees better table management.

Migration Packages

BOI GmbH offers migration packages for the table management systems SPITAB, TABSYS and VTAS.


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Success Stories

AirPlus has been using TABEX for 20 years.

Now TABEX/4 JAVA APPLICATION ENGINE has additionally been launched for audit-proof logging of the business processes by Java applications.


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