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Comfortable Table Management

TABEX/4 makes table management – administration as well as maintenance – easy and comfortable, independent of type of database or file organization. Broad editing functionalities and high-performance table access lower CPU consumption and ensure optimum table management.

The following data sources are supported:

  • DB2
  • Oracle via ODBC
  • SQL Server via ODBC
  • Informix via ODBC
  • PostgreSQL via ODBC
  • MySQL via ODBC
  • any relational database via ODBC
  • VSAM
  • Flat files
  • Sequential files
  • product specific TABEX/4 databases

During a session, a user can access data from different data sources, even data from different database types or work across databases. Of course, it is also possible to work in several sessions in parallel. 

Uniform Web-based Table Management Dialog on all Platforms

TABEX/4 runs independently of platform and database and offers one uniform table management dialog for all platforms and all databases of the company.

One table management system for all platforms and all databases of the company.

In the TABEX/4 user interface, system handling is the same on every platform. For a user, it is unimportant in which database the tables are stored or on which operating system the TABEX/4 Business Logic is executed. 

Because of its platform independence, TABEX/4 can be used identically company wide. Because of its database independence, TABEX/4 can also be used identically for all possible database systems company wide.

Broad Editing Functions

The range of editing functions is broad, comprising for instance

  • reading, writing, and checking functions
  • sorting or filtering functions for easy database queries
  • table management per table row, selected table fields or the whole table
  • copying of data entries in the Windows clipboard in order to transfer them to other applications (copy and paste)

Mass Changes

It is possible to define modification formulas for mass changes and execute them in selected table rows.

Locking Mechanism

The TABEX/4 locking mechanism prevents two or more users from editing the same tables at the same time with several tasks no matter whether these tasks are started by the TABEX/4 user interface or the utility table management functions. 

Version Tables

Tables can be defined as version tables. This technique enables

  • validity of table data depending on the calendar date
  • scheduling of future data changes
  • access to an older version of the table
  • reset to an older version of the table

Joining of Tables

Data from several tables in any database can be joined.

Comparison of Tables

Compare functions are provided by the user interface and the utilities. In this way it is possible to compare table versions having the same structure or tables from different databases. During table maintenance, comparison with the former table can be  performed at anytime.

Utilities for Table Management

TABEX/4 offers utility functions which enable users to change table data or to edit tables by batch jobs. Similar to table management through the user interface, releasing procedure and logging are integrated.


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