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ECLIPSE SSL IDE - Development Environment for SSL

The product information about the SSL IDE as PDF: TABEX4_product_information8_DEVELOPMENT_ENVIRONMENT_en.pdf

Distribution of TABEX/4 over various heterogeneous IT platforms calls for a development environment of the TABEX programming language SSL (Single Source Language).

Eclipse SSL IDE is based on the Eclipse3 framework and provides a modern graphical user interface. The user interface itself is platform independent. It is the optimum solution for a software development environment for SSL on Client/Server operating systems.

The look-and-feel of the SSL IDE is very intuitive and similar to existing popular development environments for Java and Visual C/C++. Because of the intuitive and familiar user interface, training costs will be kept low.


The following components (plug-ins) are available:

  • The SSL Source Explorer with import functionality provides easy source management and locally cached SSL program files.
  • The Source Code Editor with syntax highlighting and other convenience functionality provides convenient SSL source code editing. SSL programs are saved locally and in a TABEX table.
  • With the Source Code Compare Editor, locally saved SSL programs may be compared with SSL programs from an arbitrary TABEX database. This is possible because SSL source code is saved as TABEX table.
  • A simple Table Editor for altering TABEX/4 control tables, which are used in SSL programs. This component eliminates the need of switching around between programs during development.
  • The SSL Debugger with remote debug functionality offers trace and step functionality, including highlighting of the current instruction pointer in the source file and the ability to change variables in programs.
  • The Compiler Controller is used for controlling various SSL compiler parameters. Additionally, it is able to display compile errors and warnings directly in the SSL source code editor.
  • Integrated Search Functions simplify searching for various SSL program parameters.

Available Platforms

Eclipse SSL IDE is available for the following client platforms:

  • Windows x86 and x64
  • Solaris x86
  • MAC OS x86 and x64
  • Linux x86 and x64
  • AIX x86 and x64

For each of those platforms, an own version of the Eclipse SSL IDE is available.

Functionalities of the SSL IDE

Editing SSL Programs

The SSL source code Editor is a text editor with syntax highlighting and other convenience functionality, which eases the process of software development.

Appearance and behavior of the SSL source code editor can be configured. Among others, syntax coloring, auto-completion, row number ruler and print margins can be configured.



Eclipse SSL IDE provides many search alternatives for searching in source code and TABEX tables:

  • In the SSL source code editor, a dialog may be opened, which assists in searching for terms in the SSL source code.
  • A full-text search may be performed on the whole Eclipse workspace or on one or more TABEX databases.

Matching tables and occurrences lines are displayed in a search result window. Double-clicking a search result leads either to opening the simple table editor and the table cursor is positioned onto the occurrence line or - if the search result is a SSL source that exists locally – to opening the source code editor.


Editor Tabs

Editors are grouped in the editor area. By clicking on the corresponding editor tab in the editor area, several editors may be made visible. So, it is possible to have several editors open and to switch between the editors.

The product information about the SSL IDE as PDF: TABEX4_product_information8_DEVELOPMENT_ENVIRONMENT_en.pdf


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