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Extended Customizing

Besides a broad range of possibilites for configuration, Extended Customizing in TABEX/4 comprises

  • a programming interface for implementing User Exits,
  • a Batch Job Interface as well as
  • the BOI Administration Interface.

The TABEX/4 Instance Concept makes TABEX/4 multi-tenant and thus perfectly suited to depict organizational structures of a company.

Possibilities for programming User Exits

Exits are SSL programs, which can be integrated into TABEX/4 by the customer to execute checks, postprocessing, and other functions of their own. SSL (Single Source Language), the TABEX/4 internal programming language, also offers the possibility to call external programs (PL/I, Cobol etc.). Besides the exit features such as protocol exits, security exits and menu exits, TABEX/4 offers a wide spectrum of extensibilities.

TABEX/4 offers several interface functions for exit programming.

If you have questions concerning exit programming, please contact our support. We would be pleased to implement your exits within a consulting.

Batch Job Interface

The TABEX/4 job interface submits batch jobs from the user interface. Job parameters can be added to parameterize the job at runtime.

Besides selection out of a job list, menu items which submit a job can be configured. These menu items can be parameterized by selecting a table or by selecting some records of a table. The batch job then uses the selection. Either tables from TABEX/4-databases or relational databases can be used for selection.

BOI Administration Interface

Each IT Administrator is challenged by the various and partly very complex tasks involved in administrating TABEX/4. TABEX/4’s Administration Interface minimizes an administrator’s time and effort. Instead of maintaining single but coherent control tables, the interface provides information and prompts for the tasks's point of view.

Moreover, the Administration Interface provides task-scoped and context-scoped panels. In contrast to the browser table manager which works with single tables, these panels are technical-scoped. This enables administrators to complete complex tasks more easily, such as the configuration of PDF export/print, CSV export/import/print or the use of ODBC data sources. Logical checks are performed to minimize the probability of misconfiguration. Furthermore, well-known GUI features such as drag & drop and context menus are available.

Multi-tenant Instance Concept

TABEX/4 is multi-tenant and can serve multiple independent sub systems – so-called TABEX instances – on one server.

Advantages of the TABEX/4 Instance Concept are the central installation and maintenance, because data and configurations for more than one instance have to be held only once.

TABEX/4 instances can either be configured as disjunctive units which have neither users nor data in common. But it is also possible to depict organizations with common users, databases or authorizations.

This concept can on the one hand be used to implement instances for different departments (e.g., in insurance companies for automobile, life and property insurance).

On the other hand, this concept can be used to implement instances for different stages of production (e.g., development, testing and production).

In this example, the following tenants are defined: automobile insurance, life insurance, and property insurance. Each tenant has its own instance-specific databases (A, B, C) to which no other tenant has access. Automobile and life insurance have a common database (X), which cannot be accessed by property insurance. In the example, databases A, B and X are mapped into one data space; database C is mapped into its own data space.


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