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High-Performance Table Access

The TABEX/4 Table Access Technology guarantees high-performance table access. TABEX/4 reduces CPU consumption for table access to 10% on average and in some cases to 2% compared to direct DB2 table access. This leads to tremendous cost savings.

TABEX/4 offers the following savings:

  1. Reduction of time needed for table access from user interface, application programs or batch programs
  2. Reduction of I/Os
  3. Reduction of CPU usage
  4. Reduction of time and effort for application programming

1. Reduction of time needed for table access

TABEX/4 loads tables into ESA data space (IBM zSeries Mainframe, z/OS) or in main memory (Linux, Unix). 

Using tables in this main memory optimizes access time and minimizes CPU consumption. This results in significantly less mainframe maintenance cost.

TABEX/4 offers

  • optimized access routines to access tables loaded in ESA data space (z/OS) or in main memory (Linux, Unix)

  • parallel access to tables from as many processes or application programs as needed

  • using local replicates for reading access

  • optimized display of table data: TABEX/4 transfers only data to the monitor which is displayed on the screen.

API interfaces for JAVA, C/C++, Cobol, PL/1, Assembler and for the product internal 4GL, the programming language SSL. With the help of this language, customer specific logic for exits can be programmed directly on the user interface or by special batch functions.

2. Reduction of I/Os

For tables which are accessed for read-only purposes, TABEX/4 generates local table replicates. This reduces the I/O on the server where the database is located. Network load decreases because data are locally available and do not have to be transported through the network.

3. Reduction of CPU usage

By reducing I/Os, CPU usage decreases drastically. On average, compared to direct DB2 access, a decrease of 10%, and in some cases to 2%, is achieved, resulting in savings to license and maintenance costs, especially on mainframes.

4. Reduction of time and effort for programming applications

Significant costs arise from the time and effort needed to program and test application programs.

With the TABEX/4 table access technology, you can source out

  • any variable data (time-dependent constants) as well as
  • program logic, e.g., control/decision tables

into TABEX/4 tables.

Independent of the data source (e.g., DB2), data access performs similar to direct data input in the program.


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