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Platform and Database Independence

TABEX/4 is independent of platforms and databases. A main advantage of TABEX/4 is the standardized user interface in heterogeneous systems. This has been implemented by the system architecture through its own 4-GL programming language and a virtual CPU.

Working across platforms

The TABEX/4 components web browser, web application server, TABEX/4 business logic and data sources can run on different platforms.

Supported Platforms
Siemens BS2000
Oracle Solaris
Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista
Linux x86 (z.B. SuSE, RedHat)

TABEX/4 has been successfully ported to 64 bit technology and offers a uniform runtime environment for all operating systems.

Working across databases

TABEX/4 provides integrated TABEX/4 databases. Besides these internal databases, any relational database can be managed via an ODBC Interface or the DB2-Native Interface.

So tables from different databases can be joined and compared, and table data can be copied from one database to another.

Supported Databases
Microsoft SQL Server
TABEX/4 databases

Migration of Table Data between Relational Databases

You have tables in relational databases and require them in another relational database on a different operating system?
You want to migrate table data of one database to a different database with different structure?

TABEX/4 offers you the tool to transport data between different relational databases. For example, you can maintain data stored in Oracle in DB2 or transport data from Informix to DB2.

Figure: Example for a migration from Informix to DB2

Using TABEX/4 utilities TABN02 (command SQLTAB) / TABN05, data of the source RDB (in the example: Informix) are buffered in a TABEX DB (in the example: TABEX_DBi). In most cases, datatype conversions are needed. Therefore, an application program must be implemented to adapt the datatypes and save the table in another TABEX DB (in the example TABEX_DBd). Using utility command SQLUPD, this TABEX_DBd is transferred to the target database (in the example: DB2). If the corresponding table does not yet exist in DB2, it can be created in the target database using utility TABN06.

Please contact our support, if you want to learn more about this feature.



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