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System Architecture

TABEX/4 components

To run TABEX/4 the following components are required:

  1. Web browser
  2. Web application server
  3. TABEX/4 business logic
  4. Data sources (e.g., DB2, TABEX/4 databases)

The web application server can run on any hardware. The TABEX/4 logic runs on a business server (TABEX/4 server). It can run on any supported operating system – all popular operating systems are supported.

For security reasons, all data are stored on the business server. Only the data displayed on the screen are transferred to the browser.

Independence of Platform and Databases

TABEX/4 is independent of platforms and databases. A main advantage of TABEX/4 is the standardized user interface in heterogeneous systems. This has been implemented by the system architecture through its own 4-GL programming language and a virtual CPU.

Web Browser, Web Application Server, TABEX/4 Business Logic and the data sources can run on different platforms.

Two examples for TABEX/4 Installations

Example 1:

Installation on a stand-alone Windows computer

Example 2:

Distributed Installation

A distributed installation is common practice for our customers. Often different instances for development, test and production are defined.



Communication Path


The user interface of the TABEX/4 application is the web browser. Here the user can select functions from the explorer menu, press icons, and input text.

After authorization by entering user name and password or via  single sign on, the user communicates with the TABEX/4 business logic via the browser application. The communication with the web application is done via HTTP or HTTPS.

Web Application

The web application formats the layout and representation of the data. It also manages the display of function menus as explorer trees and shows tool bars to select icons.
Servlets/JSP must be implemented for the use of the web application server. The web application includes a Java access interface which can be used to access the TABEX/4 business logic (monitor and business logic sessions) using TABEX/4 remote calls via TCP/IP.

Business Logic

The TABEX/4 monitor receives the logon of the user. For each user, the monitor establishes its own session for running the business logic. Each session is directly attached (1:1) to a session of the web application. The business logic executes tasks such as loading table data from various data sources, checking input data, processing user input, and saving of changes. The business logic is executed independent of other sessions, each in its own user session of the monitor. The links to the data sources are managed in the business logicm which also connects to the data sources. The transfer to the web application is executed by the TABEX/4 monitor.

Data Sources

TABEX/4 can process data from varying data sources, such as relational databases or the TABEX/4 integrated TABEX database.


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