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 TABEX/4 JAVA ACCESS is a supplement to the TABEX/4 installation:

It extends TABEX/4 for read access to table data by the Java interface via TCP/IP.

Access is possible from any Java environment, including:

  • web applications (Java/JSP)
  • GUI applications
  • server batch applications

The tables are loaded just once in the main memory; either in the memory of the call server process or in shared memory areas (shared memory, ESA data spaces).

Your Benefits

  • Platform-independent read access to current, centrally controlled data in TABEX/4.
  • Lower hardware and software costs and greater flexibility by outsourcing of user programs from the mainframe.
  • Modern programming with Java: Fast implementation of web applications and GUI applications by using multiple open-source Java classes available.
  • All versions of the read-access TABEX/4-API library can be used by Java, which enables high-performance access to applications.
  • The usage of the SHS/ESA technology enhances the performance: in relation to the database access via DB2, TABEX access is up to 20 times faster.

One product - two versions

We offer the product in two versions:

  • TABEX/4 JAVA ACCESSunlimited for unrestricted read access with TABEX/4 installation. This product would be of benefit to all our customers with high data traffic.
  • TABEX JAVA ACCESSflexible will also be available for those customers with lower Java-access requirements.


TABEX/4 JAVA Remote Connection Factory

With the TABEX/4 JAVA ACCESS products TABEX/4 JAVA ACCESS flexible and TABEX/4 JAVA ACCESS unlimited a Java application programming interface, the so-called TABEX/4 Java Remote Connection Factory, is available to implement fault tolerance and load balancing.

Overview of the TABEX/4 JAVA Remote Connection Factory

An overview of the Remote Connection Factory you will find here: JAVA Add-Ons for TABEX/4 or you can read the PDF:



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