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TABEX/4 JAVA ACCESS Remote Connection Factory

TABEX4 product_information_Remote_Connection_Factory_en.pdf

Overview of the TABEX/4 JAVA Remote Connection Factory

The TABEX/4 JAVA ACCESS products offer a Java interface, the so-called Remote Connection Factory, providing fault tolerance and load balancing.

A product description of the TABEX/4 JAVA ACCESS products you'll find in:


Field of application

The Remote Connection Factory is designed for read access to table data from Java. It is not possible to use it for write access.

Precondition for usage

On all servers and in all services identical table data must be available. This can be guaranteed replicating the data.

Fault tolerance

On each server, multiple services can run (Call Server or BOI Monitor). In case of error an automatic switch to an alternate service resp. an alternate server (e.g. from Server1/Service1 toServer2/Service1) is performed. After a configured interval, the server/service switches automatically to the primary server/service again. There is no need for modifications of the application program.

Load Balancing

Access is distributed on several sequential Call Servers (e.g. Server1/Service1 and Server1/Service2), resulting in higher capacity.

The distribution of the access to several hosts (e.g. server1/service2, server2/service1) decreases the load per server.

Connection Pooling

The number of connections (slots) to the servers and services is defined and limited.

Slots may be shared by multiple applications. The usage of the slots is synchronized internally and thus thread save.

TABEX4 product_information_Remote_Connection_Factory_en.pdf




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