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Efficient Migration of SPITAB, TABSYS, VTAS and in-house developments

  • Would you like to rehost your table management system or migrate to another solution that offers high performance, stability and sustainability?
  • Would you like to switch from z/OS to Java and do you need a migration strategy with minimal effort?

Then we are the right partner for you. We offer you efficiency in the implementation of your migration project and a sustainable IT architecture.

Which replacement strategy suits you? We offer four strategies for your switch:

1. Switch to TABEX4 while maintaining the mainframe

If you only use read-only access in your application programs, TABEX4 and a product-specific adapter are installed. Migration begins with the one-time automated transformation of your tables into TABEX4 or RDB tables. All TABEX4 functions are then available for high-performance access and convenient online table maintenance. The adapter automatically converts all product-specific program APIs to TABEX4 APIs. Your application programs thus remain unchanged.

With the TABEX access interface, the full range of functions of TABEX4 is available for further development of your applications. With the additional products JAVA ACCESS and JAVA Application Engine from the TABEX4 product family, additional applications can be implemented in Java. Online table maintenance is performed via the TABEX4 User Interface.

If you also use write access in your application programs, the migration in CICS and BATCH is carried out based on your organizational and architectural requirements. After analyzing your access routines, your requirements and your overall installation, we work with you to develop an architecture optimized for you. Online table maintenance is replaced by the web-based user interface of the TABEX4 Table Manager.

2. Switch to TABEX4 during migration from mainframe to server systems

TABEX4 runs on all common operating systems and therefore also enables the migration to operating systems such as Linux, Unix, AIX and Windows. The replacement strategies and the procedure are identical to strategy 1.

3. Switch to TABEX4 during rehosting from mainframe to Linux using the "Software Defined Mainframe (SDM®)" of the company LzLabs

In cooperation with LzLabs, BOI offers a simple and step-by-step rehosting of mainframe installations to LzLabs' own "LzLabs Software Defined Mainframe®" (SDM). Self-developed table management systems as well as commercial variants can be migrated.

SDM enables existing customer applications to be used both in Linux and in cloud-based infrastructures - without recompiling or converting data. Thousands of mainframe transactions can be executed per second. SDM thus meets your company's requirements for reliability, availability, operability and security. This solution provides unique compatibility and exceptional performance, significantly reducing your IT costs.

TABEX4 runs on SDM. TABEX4 offers an uncomplicated migration of existing applications either by direct use or with the help of a product-specific BOI adapter. Source code and data can be used unchanged. This eliminates complicated recompilation and time-consuming data conversion.

4. Switch to TABEX4 JTC for compiling your applications from mainframe languages to Java during migration

Many companies offer compilation strategies for the migration of mainframe programs to Java. Table management systems pose a challenge for automatic compilation. BOI offers a simple and efficient solution here: When switching to Java, existing reading APIs are converted to TABEX4 JTC APIs during compilation - from self-developed table management systems as well as commercial variants. BOI provides a 1:1 mapping according to TABEX4 JTC. This considerably reduces the manual processing effort of your application programs. After the upgrade, you can use all functionalities of TABEX4 JTC, the world's fastest Java middleware, for accessing tables

Optimal organization of migration projects

Mainframe installations are systems that have grown over the years and must be professionally replaced and tailored to your needs. For four decades we have been the specialists for efficient table management and the best partner for your modern and sustainable IT architecture.

We provide a detailed analysis of your current installation, your requirements and your future strategies for each migration. We develop these in efficiently organized workshops resulting in a coordinated requirement and performance specification for your migration. This way, we ensure that you will work with a system that optimally meets your requirements after completion of the migration project.

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