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TABEX/4 solutions

Top Companies run TABEX/4

We develop enduring, stable software solutions which help our customers to manage their most critical data and tables (control tables, parameter tables and master data) safely and comfortably.

Our solution TABEX/4 helps our customers to better organize their information and to increase their IT-performance.

Each line of business has specific requirements concerning table management and necessitates customized solutions. TABEX/4 solutions for

have been developed in close co-operation with our customers. They are the result of our long-term experiences from numerous projects in these lines of business.


Experiences of our customers with TABEX/4 you can read in Success Stories.


We offer migration packages for successful and efficient migration from other table management systems such as SPITAB, TABSYS and VTAS. For details see here.

Migration Packages

BOI GmbH offers migration packages for the table management systems SPITAB, TABSYS and VTAS.


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Success Stories

AirPlus has been using TABEX for 20 years.

Now TABEX/4 JAVA APPLICATION ENGINE has additionally been launched for audit-proof logging of the business processes by Java applications.


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