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Service Companies

Typical Requirements

Service companies calculate their services using tables. The content of these tables often depends directly on external factors which might change permanently.

  • These changes often have direct financial consequences, so companies have to react as quickly as possible. Any data change has to be taken into account by all data processing applications in the whole company. All updated tables have to be at the disposal of all users immediately.

  • Some special offers for customers are time limited. They must be offered and withdrawn promptly.

  • In large insurance companies, thousands of users work with different kinds of tables. They must be able to do so without much training, while still ensuring that all safety precautions and checks are carried out as necessary.

Table Management in insurance companies requires specific care.


TABEX/4 meets these requirements.

An easy-to-use table management system reduces workload and increases safety for all employees in different departments (e.g., sales, purchasing, accounting and controlling) and allows them to work with tables autonomously and safely without much training effort.

TABEX/4’s intuitive and comfortable user interface allows all departments of a company to create and manage tables with very low effort. Central table storage and local table maintenance prevent data redundancies and isolated applications.

All relevant updated data must be available at any time.

Storage of tables in a shared storage area (in-memory handling) avoids data redundancies and makes all data changed/updates visible and effective for all users.

The immense number of different table data combinations results in a tremendous number of table accesses per day and thus requires high-performance and reliability.

TABEX/4 guarantees optimum and fastest possible table access through the use of a machine-oriented programming language in the TABEX/4 kernel and through the replication of tables in shared storage areas. The TABEX/4 solution economizes CPU resources and leads to significant license cost savings.

In big service companies, software often runs on different operating systems and data are often stored in various database systems. In order to make table management and table access in such heterogeneous IT-environments as efficient as possible, one single data management system independent of platforms is required, ideally operating with just one uniform user interface for all kinds of platforms.

TABEX/4 runs independently of platform or database. Tables can thus be managed on various platforms and can be moved across different platforms. On all platforms one uniform user interface is available with identical functions for table access and maintenance for different programming languages. TABEX/4 provides an ODBC-interface as means to access all relational databases.

It is important to set specific release dates and times for data changes, especially of control data such as disposability of work force or resource availability.

TABEX/4 has at its disposal technologies for temporal data management. By defining the validity time of table data, it is possible to activate changes to a pre-defined date or time (time-controlled releasing).

Data from different databases or file formats such as MS EXCEL must be imported smoothly in the table management system. Table data should be distributed flexibly to printer, as a PDF, or exported to other databases, file formats or programs.

TABEX/4 allows importing of table data from other software products or other file formats such as MS EXCEL. The import is started right from the user interface and is carried out with execution of logical data checks. With TABEX/4, the possibilities for export or data distribution are manifold. 

Table access as well as table management have to be stable and safe.

For more than three decades, TABEX has been used in many top companies in different lines of business without a single productive failure.

These companies run TABEX

Our focus is customer satisfaction with our products and services. With our customers, we have successfully carried out many different projects over the years. We are very proud to count the following companies to our customers:

ADAC (Munich, Germany) - Fiducia IT

ISTA (Essen, Germany) 

Lufthansa Air Plus (Neu-Isenburg, Germany)



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