TABEX4 is the leading software solution for high-performance table access and safe, convenient organization and maintenance of tables. TABEX4 runs on various operating systems and operates with all common relational databases.

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JTC – JAVA TABLE CACHE – is the first choice for the customized, Java-based processing of your master data. Intuitive APIs and high-performance in-memory access enable the world's fastest access to your table data. Test the free trial!

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MainTable is the ideal tool for the secure and consistent maintenance of table data from relational databases. The web-based interface allows unlimited connection of different databases. Simple, comfortable and extremely reliable.

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BOI – The specialist for the management of your master data and control data

BOI offers lasting, stable software solutions for the secure and convenient management and use of sensitive and critical data in tabular form. Our success is based on our optimal customer care and our high-performance software, meeting highest requirements.

BOI guarantees "better organized information" in your company. For four decades, BOI has stood for best quality, safety and excellent support.

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Our excellent software products TABEX4, JTC und MainTable guarantee:

  • Efficiency
  • Performance
  • Audit-proof archiving
  • Reliability

BOI offers consulting, technology and implementation from a single source.

Do you value an optimized use of your master data and control data?

Master data and control data, also called parameter data, define and control your business processes.
The data is a central component of your business logic, whether in your own application programs or in third-party software solutions.

  BOI products guarantee secure maintenance and high-performance use of these data in your business applications.

We develop lasting and stable software products that offer you high investment security. With our software you can manage and use your most sensitive and critical data securely and conveniently.


We use our experience in the development and implementation of software solutions for mainframe and server systems. BOI products enable the successful linkage of Java business applications with your mainframe infrastructure.


We support you during further development of your master data and control data management. We enable you to migrate to our BOI standard software or to another operating system. Offering efficient APIs, we support your modernization.


(R)Evolution 2020 – Free Your Database with BOI FreeDa

At BOI, we have been working on new ways to optimize the use of master and control data for your business applications for over 40 years. Based on our experience in that field, BOI has started to develop a new data management tool. BOI's new product Freeda will offer optimal maintenance of tables in relational databases.

FreeDa sets standards

FreeDa will offer established and popular functionalities of TABEX4 and MainTable on a brand-new basis:

Substancially enhanced with new, innovative features, such as audit-proof workflows for data maintenance - beyond the constraints of your database.

FreeDa will be innovative

FreeDa will provide a solution to one crucial challenge for successful data management: The knowledge about data usually rests with the operating departments.

However, maintaining relational databases often requires specific technical knowledge of IT experts.

FreeDa will be user-friendly

FreeDa will be an intuitive and simple solution for audit-proof data maintenance by non-IT experts.

FreeDa administrators may define individual authorizations and roles, perform plausibility checks, and much more.

FreeDa will thus free your data maintenance from restrictions of your relational database.

FreeDa - Discover now!

BOI: Better Organized Information

We have achieved our target when your IT requirements are met with optimal solutions.


Tailor-made BOI software for your company

We know that your requirements are particularely high regarding the stability of our software and the reliability of our service. Our success is based on the perfect integration of our products, our excellent service and our unique customer care. Because customer satisfaction is our greatest concern.


Benefit from our experience in providing high-end software solutions for different economic sectors, such as banks, insurances, industry and service providers and IT service providers and data centers.




  Industry & Service Providers

   IT Service Providers & Data Centers

BOI Success Stories

Since decades leading companies trust in products from BOI. Read our success stories to find out how BOI software is used productively in different economic sectors.



ista has been relying on TABEX4 for the maintenance of its reference data for 12 years. In 2018, ista decided to replace the mainframe and migrate all applications - including TABEX4 - to Linux.
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More than 30 years after the first order of the Oberbank AG TABEX is indispensable as a strategic product in the 3 Banken Gruppe: It is now in use as TABEX4, the 4th generation of the product.
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In the early 1990s, Generali Germany developed the application "K-Neu". Its architectur was in need of complex control via table data. BOI's TABEX4 convinced with its functionalities.
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25 years after implementing TABEX at Generali, table data had to be available for Java applications too. TABEX4 JTC enables the world-wide fastest reading access for Java.
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